Friday, October 7, 2011

COVERED! Fantastic Four 51

I finally got around to working on a submission for the fantastic COVERED blog, where artists do their own cover versions of comic book covers.

Click HERE to see the final Feltem cover-version of Jack Kirby's cover for Fantastic Four #51.

Below you'll find a few close-up views in all their fuzzy goodness.

Here's Sue Storm. Yes, I'm aware of the blow-up doll resemblance. It wasn't intentional.

And the lighting leaves a bit to be desired, but here's the final completed real thing:

Er... No pun intended.


  1. I have to know how you do this. Do you have a "how to" page or more info anywhere?

    Beautiful work!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Alan. It's done with Needle Felting - You basically use barbed needles to stab at wool fibre and amazingly, it forces the wool to link together into something solid.

    I haven't done a how-to of my own yet, but I did post a video of another needle-felter showing her process, here:

    Hope that helps!

  3. Awesome, I'm totally going to do this cover thing!

  4. Pure brilliance!

    When I first saw this on Covered, I thought the text and The Thing had been fashioned cunningly out of Cheez Curls.

    Then I took a closer look and realized it was wool ingeniously sculpted and teased. That is truly inspired. I admire and applaud the tilt of your mind.